5 Biggest Hold’em Pots In No Limit Poker Games!

Each variety of situs poker terpercaya has got its own rules set as per playing game. However, there are some standard rules which should be applied in certain kind of circumstances. By understanding and learning such rules, you will get know the different variations that are in each poker games.

Texas Hold’em is community cards game with the game focused much on betting on the cards than being played. The game and rules are same, but the end goal depends on the cash game or tournament of hold’em. In the tournament, the games are same with some added twists and rules. But the cash game of Hold’em is played on a single table of 2 to 10 players.

Here the goal is to win maximum chips at a time in one pot. You can win one pot with the best hand or by folding other players before you showdown.

No limit hold’em and pot limit hold’em games are the same poker game. Here the only difference you are going to see in the betting structure. There are graphics and texts to walk through the terminology with step by step guide to playing each round of hold’em. Once you understand the development of this game, subsequent rounds get easier for you.

Here is the rule of Hold’em game:

  • Buy-in: For taking a seat at the poker table buy-in is very necessary.
  • Misdeals: In misdeal, your deal will get adjusted to getting the player right card that is entitled to be in hand.
  • Dead hands: Some ways the cards are considered dead when it gets damaged or marked.
  • Irregularities: In a poker game, occasionally the situations may arise when a player needs to make exceptions with certain rules. Such irregularities are seen very rarely, but the player must be aware of such actions and reactions themselves because it can affect your games result.
  • Raising and betting: In most of the poker games, check-raising is there with the certain exception in types of lowball. There is unlimitedly rising in certain situations of the 99poker
  • Showdown: All cards have to be shown in the showdown.

Now, here the five biggest hold’em pots in no-limit poker games. These all pots are over half million dollars played at Rail Heaven.

  1. Durrrr V/s. Urindanger: The biggest pot between durrrr and the Urindanger is like aces versus kings cooler for $723,941.
  2. Durrrr V/s. Isildur1: This is one of the other preflop cooler winning $694,954.
  3. John Juanda V/s. Phil Ivey: This game was played again and again with their previous hand. Ivey wins $687,023.
  4. John Juanda V/s. Durrrr: A fairly simple game played by both and Juanda takes $678,072 pot.
  5. Durrrr V/s. Urindanger: This 5 hand cash game and took $657,073.

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