Here Is How Baccarat Is Played

 Baccarat is a simple cards game where most of the time it is your luck that plays its part. It comprises of two sides, of which one wins, the other loses and there are, though rare, occurrences of ties too. The player can choose to be on any of these sides – player side or the bank side. The bank side does not belong to the house or casino, as is the case with the most of the other games.

Important rules of this card game

It is beneficial to be familiar with the rules of the game before you start placing the wagers. So, here are a few important rules of Baccarat game:

  • This is a two and three card game. The third card comes into picture when the total of the two cards is between 0-5. Also, the player gets this third card only if the bank side does not score a total of 8 or 9 from both the cards. If this happens, the bank side is already the winner.
  • The total of two numbers has to be the closest to figure 9 to win. The person placing bet can be on either side, as explained earlier, and he has to place the bet before the cards are dealt.
  • Tens and face cards are all zero point cards. The other cards value the number they are. Ace is counted as one.

How the game starts

First, the bettors determine their side and place bet on it which they think would win. It can be player side or bank side. The casino person deals the card and places first card on the player’s side first. Then, the second card from the deck is placed on the bank’s side. The second set of cards is also placed the number side up in the same sequence.

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