How does Bitcoin Differs from Ethereum

You may often wonder on the question of choosing the right cryptocurrency for investment. Wait, are they not all similar?

There has been no doubt about Bitcoin capturing the major share of the crypto currency market. However, the major reason has been its popularity in the world market for bitcoin games. The phenomenon has been similar to what has been happening in national politics worldwide, where the candidate usually captures the majority of votes based on popularity. It would rather be the proven abilities or qualifications for governing the nation. Bitcoin has been the pioneer in the arena. It has been growing continuously to harbor almost all the market headlines. The popularity aspect does not imply that it has been deemed perfect for the job. It has been a well known fact that Bitcoin has limitations and problems requisite to be resolved.

However, there has been disagreement in the Bitcoin arena on how to best resolve the problem. With the problems increasing, there has been an ongoing opportunity for various developers to start new coins that would be addressing specific situations. It would be distinguish themselves from the nearly 1300 other available coins in the market arena. Let us delve on the Bitcoin rival and explore how they are different from Bitcoin.


Ethereum coin has been known as Ether. The major difference from Bitcoin would be Ethereum using smart contracts that have been holding account objects on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts have been defined by their respective creators and they would be able to interact with the other available contracts. It would help them make the important decisions, sending Ether to others and storing data. The execution and services offered have been provided by Ethereum network. Most of the offered services would be beyond Bitcoin or any other blockchain network could actually do. Smart contracts could act as your autonomous agent. It would abide by your instructions and rules for spending currency on Ethereum Games along with other transactions on the Ethereum network.

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