Widespread Lottery Myths that People Believe

The lottery is one of the oldest games in the world, which explains its popularity. It also explains why some people have preconceived opinions about it due to which they prefer not to play at all. However, the truth is that these are just myths and not based on facts. If you want to participate in the lottery, but have always stopped yourself due to these myths, it is time to know then for what they truly are. Some of the common ones are outlined below:

  • There is a better chance of being struck by lightning than winning the lottery

This is one of the most commonly-told lottery myth that exists, but it is not true at all if you look at the statistics. In 1996, Ed Stanek, the Lottery Commissioner in Iowa, disclosed that a million dollars had been won by 1,136 people while 91 people had died due to being struck by lightning. The bottom line is that it is better to play the lottery than to go out in a lightning storm.

  • The smaller the jackpot, the greater your chances of winning

When deciding what game to play, a lot of players do a lottery comparison and make note of the jackpot size. They believe that smaller jackpots boost your chances of winning, but this is also a myth. The odds remain the same, regardless of jackpot size. You can improve them by buying more tickets or playing a smaller lottery.

  • The lottery only benefits the winners

Again, this is a common myth that has been told time and time again. Yes, it is true that only a small percentage of players actually win prizes, but the lottery can benefit a large number of people. How? This is because most lotteries donate the earnings of lottery tickets to charitable causes such as education, healthcare, social issues, environment, sports and more. Thus, the entire society can benefit from the lottery and not just the players alone.

  • Playing the lottery leads to compulsive gambling

Lots of people don’t even participate in free online lottery because they think it will make them compulsive gamblers. Like other forms of gaming, lottery is intended for fun. It does have the potential of becoming addictive, but this doesn’t mean that every player will become one. In fact, online websites provide links for helping players in getting help if they have gambling problems.

  • Winning a lottery will make you happy

You might believe that winning the lottery is the key to happiness, but it is not true. Winning will not bring any change; if you were happy before, you would still be happy, but if you weren’t, then the lottery will not change this. The lottery can only provide you with financial freedom. In the long run, it cannot give you happiness.

  • If you play the same numbers, you will win the jackpot

This is false because lottery numbers are chosen randomly and there is no guarantee that your chosen numbers will get picked in any draw.

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